Balance Exercise: Super Slow Motion Walking

 Join me today during my morning ritual of education, meditation, and exercise in the gazebo at  Perrin Park!

The balance challenge I present in the video is one of the most powerful challenges ever if you’re interested in being able to walk effortlessly and painlessly for as long as you want!

Let me know how you do with the challenge by leaving me a comment here on this post! 


  1. Alright, Dr. Steve. Please tell me what these so-called ‘toxins’ are that I keep hearing about.

    I hear that detoxifying is a desirable thing to do, but I never hear what, exactly, I am eliminating from my system during detoxification.

    Can you please clear this up?



  2. Hey Dr Steve

    I actually did rather well! I was kinda surprised with my issues!

    Thank you for all the fun treats and great info you are sharing with us!

    Peg Fields

  3. that’s an AWESOME question, Devin! Most toxins are petrochemically based and it’s crucial to detox them because your body sees them as estrogen causing estrogen dominance problems like prostate swelling, uterine fibroids, cancer, and more…I’ll detail this answer in my first episode of Core Wellness Radio…deal?@Devin Best

  4. Just watching you I knew I was going to have big problems. Through my own reading, and rereading I’ve learned a lot of my back problems if not all,is due to my incorrect posture and all the resulting conditions. So I could not hold the position in mid-stride for more than a few seconds. Is there somewhere you reveal the rest of ‘correct walking’ and how to retrain?
    I’m very excited about finding your website!

  5. @Kathy
    You’re right! Posture is everything when it comes to releasing stress in your back. Be sure to sign up for the “Reverse CPS Now!” free video series at the top right of the page.

    It will help you find your core stability as well as release predictable stress induced muscle tension patterns!

  6. Dear Dr. Steve, 

    I just watched your "walking balance" video and "how to get up off the ground to a standing position" video. They are very helpful. I guess it's never too late for me to learn how to do these movements correctly. I know I need to practice careful awareness of my movements if I want to reprogram my body for healing and wellness. One year ago I probably would have paid less attention to admonitions for the basics, but 12 months of great pain and limited mobility have given me a more open mind. I'm glad I found your help. — Linda 

  7. Interesting! And probably a useful exercise. However… if I leap across a stream, all kinds of dynamics are involved, and I can’t slow that action down because I’ll plummet into the water. Likewise, it seems to me that dynamically walking is not the same thing as sped-up slo-mo walking, since centre of gravity is different, balance is different, intention is different, proprioceptors are different, etc.

  8. I find that tying to balance doing this is much easier if I’m paying attention to the contact points in the feet as well as the tightening of the core.

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