The Best Posture Correction Exercise – “The Pubic Bone Secret” For Organic Posture

This is my #1 posture tip that accesses and automatically “re-awakens” the deeply embedded perfect posture programs you were born with.

It is truly powerful and I know it will help you “re-program” your posture (that’s all it really is, by the way…a program like in a computer). 

Combine your pubic bone connection with the simple doorway reminder I share toward the end of the video and you are on your way! 

There’s lots more like this in the full Core Wellness Coaching Course if you want to dig deeper!

Enjoy and let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions, OK?



  1. Great cue! I often focus on shortening the space between the tips of the scapula and hip bones…

  2. Steve….I loved this!! Ohmylanta! what a good feeling in my entire body ! Thanks so much for offering this to all of us! You have helped me so much to get ME back….thank you from my heart.


  3. Thanks, Dr. Steve!  You know, your course was one of the best things that's ever happened for my posture and my energy.  Now these new videos that you send – I don't know how to say this but it's like the videos keep "refreshing"  the great positive changes that the course made for me.  Thank you.

    ~ Cynthia

  4. Dr. Steve, thank you so much. You have a way of making things so clear. I did not know I had this fear until I watched this; however, I realized I had a big fear that life had messed up my preprogramed automatic posture system. You talking about the pathways being hard wired was so reassuring. It seems like a simple thing to just have the intention; however when I get busy, my mind forgets to think about it. Thank you so much for teaching me to use the door as a cue, I will get in the habit of being mindeful much more quickly now that I will be doing it more often.

    • Yes, Carol…the program is definitely in there!  And yes, when your mind goes to the past or the future and away from mindfulness of the moment…you automatically revert back into reacting from your current programs.

      The trick is to stay mindful with great focus and intention as often as possible until you create a new program that is a much better “automatic pilot” for you when you drift out of the now moment.

      Thanks for the insightful comment.


  5. I recently completed my Massage CEU class and you both share the same concept of learning body posture mechanism from babies. Simple but great stuff.. thanks.

  6. I find it nearly impossible to keep my buttocks relaxed when I push my pubic bone forward. In fact, the only way I can relax is to bend my knees.

    • Yep…that’s deep core amnesia.  Go ahead and squeeze the glutes to get there, then relax the glutes but keep the intention….that will start the process.

  7. Thank you for your inspiring video's. I have a question about this one. Do I have to tuck my pelvis to push the pubic bone forward?

    • There will be a natural posterior tilt of the pelvis when you “connect the pubic bone”.   But you don’t force a “tuck”.  The pelvis should balance out naturally with the intention.  Get in tune with “baby back” in the free series and you’ll be getting the right pattern activated for the job.

  8. I love this. I do massage and I am always talking about posturre with my clients. This tip, along with tucking your shoulder blades into your back pocket after a shoulder roll…and so much more… Great  stuff! You have shared so many tools to help people retrain their brains the easy way.  Thank you for sharing your passion. 🙂

  9. I recently had  minimally invasive back surgery in February and following the advice of my surgeon I seeked a therapist who practiced the 'muscle balance' technique. However I have been through five therapists and I live in a pretty remote location, nothing is really improving. I also gave birth to my son 18 months ago and still having pelvic/groin pain (pgp) MRI all clear. 

    Basically I want to know if following your program would help me? I am desperate.


    thanks so much

  10. Thank you for a very good demonstration of this concept about how we learn to reinact our standing posture learning process. (if that make sense).  You have reminded me of an EXCELLENT book that I have owned for a long time – "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" which was originall published by Tuttle books, way back in the early 70's (?) [I don't have it in my hands at this moment, but I do remember some EXCELLENT illustrations that were throughout this book – used to illustrate much about the process of developing one's awareness, and keener senses about one's surroundings, and self, (balance, stability, motion, momentum, etc.)  Please check out this book!!! You will see what I mean- I hope it might corroborate much of your teachings as well!!!   Thanks, again!!!

  11. If we are not to use the glutes to push the pubic bone forward, what muscle should we use? Thanks!

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