My Favorite “Near Magic” Hip Exercise That “Switches On” Organic Posture

In today’s episode of Core Wellness TV, I reveal my “Go To” exercise for anyone with hip and knee pain.  And it just so happens that it’s also GREAT for “switching on” what I call your “Inner Spiral of Power”!

Czech neurologists and physiotherapists have been using this strategy for decades but now the secret is OUT!

In addition, you’ll also hear how this “near magic” exercise literally “switched on” my son Benjamin’s hip muscles after a recent scary ice skating injury and how we used targeted nutritional anti-inflammatory supplements to help him heal faster and better and prevent scar tissue build up down the line.

Here are the exact Thera Bands I used in today’s video. (I used Yellow for my upper body in the video and Silver for around my knees)

And here’s the in-depth the acute injury protocol using anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements I discussed in the video.

Lastly…here’s where you can get the entire comprehensive pain relief and posture transformation program I provide for my “in office” clients without paying thousands of dollars and traveling thousands of miles. Learn More

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  1. Dear Dr. Steve~

    I want to order the Thera Bands you show in the RCPS video. You recommend Yellow and Silver for the movements shown. The company provides a discount savings on sets of 3 which come in various resistance levels and are color coded. Which package/colors do you recommend? the silver and yellow do not come in a set of 3 but other tension combinations are offered. I am a highly competitive middle distance masters runner and strive to maintain balance, range of motion and flexibility in my hips, low back, ITBs and knees. Thank you for all of your guidance and expertise. You are truly a gift from God and very much appreciated. Sincerely, Richard Henderson~ Philadelphia, PA

  2. Hey Doc
    Thanks a million , will be bringing this to my 60+ group next week , they love your stuff , keep up the good work namaste John

  3. You mention icing for inflammation during injuries, but Kelly Starrett has come out and said icing is bad. Not trying to start a negative discussion, just curious because I hear so many different things these days.

  4. Dr. Steve:

    I notice that the Thera Bands you show in the video come not only in 6ft , untied lengths in the various colors/tensions, but also in 18″ or 12″ loops, almost like giant rubberbands. The loops would seem preferable since one would not have to knot and then un-knot the bands before and after using Are the loops OK in your mind and if so, which length would you recommend for a 6′ 2″ , 145lb runner to do the movements shown in your video? Many thanks, Richard Henderson~ Philadelphia, PA

    • I like the straight pieces so they can also be used for other purposes besides the pushing out. I can’t tell you how many times of tied and untied bands based on level of function/pain/etc. And you can tie them exactly the length you need.

      I can’t tell you how long you need as I don’t know about your level of function / dysfunction / etc.

      I would go with the straight piece, Richard…for more versatility.

      • Thank you Dr. Steve. That makes good sense. I can’t go wrong with a silver, green and yellow in the 6′ lengths. All bases covered, now and in the future with that combination. You are great to take the time to get back to me. Kind regards, Richard Henderson~ Philadelphia, PA

  5. Hi Dr Steve,
    Can this exercise be done without someone resisting you? I truly need to open my hips. Thank you

  6. Hi Dr. Steve,

    I always love your posts and exercises, philosophy, approach. As a former movement educator/modern dancer and alignment specialist, I really appreciate where you’re coming from.

    I’ve been having a lot of joint issues, in the last couple of decades. I’m now 62. After two major hip surgeries on the same side, I thought that after doing a rigorous routine of recovery training, using Egoscue and other modalities, my knees would stop hurting after getting everything balanced and aligned and strengthened. Flexibility has always been good. But NO! Knees are now screaming when I dance or hike.

    So when I tried the above exercise, the components of my left knee started moving in ways a knee should never move. Felt very unstable, uncomfortable, and scary as it also was emitting awful noises. So I took it to my Egoscue therapist and she suggested I do it without weight bearing, from a hook lying position. I’ve been doing that and it feels great. What do you think?

    PS. I’m about to start joint regeneration therapies of prolo and trigger point injections. My goal is to avoid total knee replacement surgery entirely.


    • Hi Suzanne, I always say if an exercise recreates the chief complaint, then don’t do it.

      I do it hook lying in the video at the 5:30 mark before I show the standing/squat version which I’m assuming gave you the trouble.

      I think prolo is great and agree you should give it a shot if everything else has not worked.

      Good luck!


      • Thanks, Dr. Steve. Yes, of course, i did see your hook lying demo the first time I saw the video, but then time passed and I jumped to the standing one. Sorry if there was any confusion. I didn’t put it together until my Egoscue therapist’s suggestion.

        Thanks for the good luck wishes. i will need it.

  7. Goodday Dr. Hoffman,

    Thank you for the so called Brúger exercise with the Thera bands.
    My question to you is; Are there anymore of those fantastic corrective exercises, with or without the bands and could you show us some more of those ‘tricks’?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,


  8. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! It invaluable. I love spending time watching your videos and learning how to feel good. God Bless!


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