Recycle Gravity and Stop Energy Leaks To Reverse Aging NOW!

Before you get today's lesson I just want to let you know that I've been back to work on the "Do This First" posture and health coaching course!  Now I've got over half of the exercises uploaded and ready to go!

I've also decided that, in addition to the posture restoration and pain relief education, I'm going to include the same mental and nutritional stress reduction program I teach to my private clients (but without the big price tag of "face to face" doctor time…gotta love the power of online learning!)
We have a goal to start enrollment by the end of September, but I've been hustling so we can open it up sooner!  I'm READY!  So if you haven't seen the "Introduction" video yet you can check it out at
You can also get on the early notification list on that page or below this post so you can sneak in early to grab some of the VERY valuable but extremely limited "fast mover" bonuses.
Now onto the lesson and new video on how to "recyle" gravity and avoid "energy leaks"!  

Knowing about these concepts will at least give you the OPTION to avoid the stiffness and pain that comes with unhealthy aging and, instead, enjoy an amazing feeling of lightness and spring!
As I've been watching my Mom go through her post brain surgery rehab, I've noticed something in the gym.
Everyone there has a head forward posture (imagine straining forward to look at your computer screen and you'll know exactly what
I mean).
You see, with stroke or other brain injuries or conditions, you're ability to maintain your fragile upright posture is lost.  Those pathways become inhibited.
As a matter of fact, my mentor and teacher, Dr. Vladimir Janda, from the Czech Rebublic, called some forms of bad posture "minimal brain dysfunction"!
And the word  FRAGILE is a very important word that you should take seriously.
Because even though you may not be suffering from an acute brain injury, ANY kind of stress you encounter can cause "minimal brain dysfunction" and destroy your upright posture.
And when it starts, you lose your ability to "recycle" gravity and use it for energy and spring!
Instead, gravity "gets you" and starts the downward and forward spiral into unhealthy aging.
Today's episode of Core Wellness TV will show you how gravity is actually not the cause of stooping, sagging, and dragging. 
If fact, you can USE gravity to send amazing energy into your body.
Learn how to avoid "energy leaks" so you can conserve your energy for keeping up with your kids or grandkids, or whatever else feeds your BLISS!
Check it out the video above and STAY VERTICAL!
Dr. Steve

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