“The Rib Cage Secret” Organic Posture Correction Exercise (That Won’t Wear You Out)

Lots of people give up on correcting their posture because it just flat out hurts to try to keep the “shoulders back”, and “chest up”.
But fear not…today on Core Wellness TV I share with you the “Rib Cage Secret” that forms the foundation of effortless good posture that feels natural and actually “switches off” the “fight or flight” stress system of tension and degeneration.
At the same time this exercise (that you can do anywhere, anytime without anyone even knowing) “switches on” your relaxation response so your body can feel at peace and heal like it should.
Join me next to the hydrangeas with the ladybugs and honey bees.
Let me know how this exercise makes you feel and ask me your questions in the comments.
Talk soon!
Dr. Steve 

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  1. Hearing you speak makes me think you'd love Feldenkrais movement therapy.  Feldenkrais has done some wonders for me in only a few weeks and I am continueing to explore it.  Thnaks for your videos!

    • I love the Feldenkrais philosophy, Rachel.   This work usually resonates with Feldenkrais folks because it's all about learning (or better said RE-learning) new daily life patterns.

  2. Thank you for your service to the community at large. You are helping to find solutions for people who experience pain.  You are also showing people how to prevent pain in the first place.    

  3. You have a very natural and sincere way of communicating your craft.  You seem less interested in taking people's money and more interested in just helping them.   Somehow that makes you more credible and likeable in my book.  You are the only coach on physical wellness (if you don't count Dr. Weill on nutrition) that I continue to follow on the Internet.  You are truly gifted.  I use your natural good posture pose whenever I think of it.  It is so simple but it works.  Thank you Dr. Hoffman.  

  4. Hi Dr. Steve,

    Just reviewed this video while sorting my emails.

    Your tips in this video, particularly the thumbs in the arm socket and noticing all parts of the rib cage, helped me a lot with figuring out dropping the ribcage.

    I imagine there are a few things going on with me. 1. I am not confident what is correct/healthy in the movement of my ribcage and placement of breath, as my posture has been poor since a child. 2. There are some stuck parts and tight muscles. 3. I feel a sense of lack of coordination in breathing – when I am doing the exercises sometimes I concentrate on making my breath go down, sometime making my ribs go out, but I am noticing when I observe my breathing when I have been unconscious of it for a while that it is easier and more as you describe.

    So this exercise seemed to give me a better sense of feeling than I have had before. I know I will figure it out if I keep working at it.

    Thank you again for all your videos and your supplemental ones really help. I love Rebecca’s input.

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