The Risk Factor For True Independence (From Hemlock Cliffs)

Risk and Independence at Hemlock Cliffs

Risk and Independence at Hemlock Cliffs – Video Below

Well, we came back with a few scrapes but we all made it back in one piece from our Independence Day adventure at Hemlock Cliffs here in Southern Indiana.

All the steep cliffs and slippery rocks certainly posed a risk to the boys and I who went off the beaten path a bit, and Benjamin (our 17 year old) came away with some pretty good abrasions while hugging a tree to break a fall.

But all the activity and amazing display of nature got me thinking about how risk is the KEY ingredient in creating more independence and freedom in your life.

It’s a short one and the scenery is pretty cool.  

I also presented a challenge at the end and I’m curious to hear your answer.

So leave a comment below on this post or send me an email once you’ve thought about it.

Here’s to breaking out of the crazy loops that are keeping you trapped in monotony.

And oh yeah…here’s to your Independence!

Talk soon,

Dr. Steve

P.S.  There really is something about moving in nature that gets your creative juices flowing.  So get out and tap in 🙂


  1. You hit the nail on the head and are a huge inspiration, as always. How timely….Here’s to breaking the loop!

  2. Very motivational!
    Thanks for all the awesome articles and videos
    Dr Steve! What can I say? You’re part of our family have to see a video or read for you.
    I think your website is a healing force.
    Question ? 🙂 when you say : keep things stiff around the belly(in many videos)! Can you explain what muscles you’re activating and how?
    Also what do you recommend for a routine to restore the function of the core ( diastasis plus pelvic floor dysfunction for few years) ? I’ve been using many of your inspirational videos but not sure what and how the best would work
    To stop the energy from leaking (according to you :))

  3. Going to take some time for me. A few years ago I broke the loop and started taking time for me. Then gradually slipped back to not taking that precious time. I declare my independence from the loop of taking care of everything else before I take care of myself. Thank you for the reminder,

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