Rompfest Lessons: Blowing your mind, healing from injury, and festival nutrition strategies

rompfest night

Post Rompfest Episode of Core Wellness TV is below!

We are a musical family and we love to have fun.

So Rompfest, a bluegrass and roots music festival in Owensboro, KY seemed like a no brainier this year. (Especially since John Prine was there!)

We took the boys (Benjamin is 15 and Nathaniel is 11) and our camp gear and headed out on an adventure.

I shot a post Romp episode of Core Wellness TV (below) at a campground with some health and life lessons that came out of the experience.

  • Wayne’s story: A lesson in breaking out of your comfort zone
  • My broken toe story: A lesson in avoiding compensation patterns
  • How do survive festival food and strategies for being as “good” as possible when you’re being “bad”

Enjoy and share!

Dr. Steve


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