The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise (Part 2) and Getting Up Off The Floor

2 Big Things To Talk About In Today's Episode Of Core Wellness TV!

FIRST:  An Exciting Announcement:

As you'll see, I'm standing along the beautiful Current River in Missouri during this episode.  And as you'll discover when you watch the announcement, I'm finally overcoming my resistance to doing live events on the road.

So if you like the way I explain movement, posture, and wellness and would like to host a live event in your part of the country (yes, we will keep in the U.S. the first time around!) then shoot me an email at [email protected].  

This is just to gather interest.  We will talk more about details when we connect.

If you are a chiropractor, physical therapist, MD, DO, nurse practitioner, naturopath, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, personal trainer, massage therapist, rolfer, or other type of bodyworker, and you would like to share what I teach with your patients or clients, that would be the perfect fit.

OR…if you have an active group or association that would like have a live exeperience using the Core Wellness Institute methods for pain free, strain free living, that would work, too!

Again…just send me and email at [email protected] and we'll get the discussion rolling!

SECOND:  An Important shoulder and core exercise that you may be tempted to pass over because it looks too simple.  But it's ALL about the DETAILS on this one.  (Especially when I talk about the "Hand Pillars" and  "The Magic Moment") 

Although I present this shoulder and core "Push Away Lean" exercise as an important "remedial" move for people who have lost the strength and stability to get up and down off the floor easily, EVERYONE needs to try it.

This really hit home during baseball practice last night (I'm coaching a 13, 14, and 15 year old team this year) that over half of these young teen athletes needed this simple "peel back" instruction to understand how to stabilize their shoulders and core!

Enjoy today's episode and if you know someone who would benefit from this free training please share using the share bar at the bottom of this post and of course, hit the facebook "Like" button below!


Other resources mentioned in today's episode:

-The Sit To Rise Test

-The Best Shoulder Pain Exercise That Fixes The #1 Cause Of Shoulder Pain



  1. Hey Dr Steve

    Big congratulations for the decision. Absolutely great to hear you're following through with your purpose and heart. I have no doubt it'll be very successful on every level. It's interesting that I seem to have a bunch of resistance too… but I am not entirely sure what I am resisting! I guess it'll come to me. 

    Excellent video too thank you. Always helpful and motivational. Just what I needed. 

    Thanks again, Kristina

    • Yes, it's time to "do the work!"  Thanks for you vote of confidence, Kristina.

      We all have resistance.  Make sure you read/listen to "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield…I think it will help.

  2. Please tell me more about the baby dance with the adults who appear to be using many of your moves.  How can we learn the moves and teach a baby?

    • The beauty of it all is that you don't have to teach a baby.  It's all organic…packed up and ready to unfold..or "spiral open" like flower.

      It is a function of the human spirit to find a solid support point and contstantly have the intention of expanding or "pushing away" from it.  This automatically creates true core stability.

      It was a modern dance company using one of their children as inspiration for an exercise during class.

      If you want an unbelievable workout, just hang out with a developing infant and do everything he or she does!


  3. Hi Dr. Steve,

    Wonderful episode as always, I did it right with you as I watched, and it felt so good! Thank you for reminding us to keep pushing away…I think it will be the key to releasing, recently increased tension and stress in my shoulders and neck.

    The first step is always overcoming fear and resistance and so you taking the plunge to start traveling and sharing these powerful tools is huge. I realize there is a sacrifice that goes with all this, and so I want to bless you and Rebecca for being willing to give of yourselves in this way so that others can find healing and experience life to the fullest.

    I am not a Chiropractor, or MD, or Massage Therapist, but just a college student; therefore, I need to find another way to get you to come to South Carolina to do an event. 🙂 I would love to have a live experience with you sharing.

    Have a blessed week! – Rebecca


    • You don’t have to be a practitioner, Rebecca.  If we can get a group together interested in the training we could make something happen!

  4. Dr. Steve,

    Thank you so much for sharing you have worked through your resistance. It is inspiring to see you following your passion. Your willingness, and ability to be so honest about your life struggles, is part of the reason you are such a great teacher. You have a gift of inspiring others to get in tune with their passion, and then provide them with the tools to make their dreams possible. would be a great place for you to teach, if someone contacts you in the Champaign Illinois area. I look forward to that opportunity with anticipation. I will always be grateful to you for teaching me to get up and down off of the floor. I found new tips in this video that will refine my efforts, and speed my progress. Thank You! 

  5. Goodmorning dr. Hoffman,

    Nice postural exercise. Have you watched G.Cook and E. Le Corre video " Exploring Functional Movement " ?

    I bet you could mix your 'push away and get up from the floor ' exercise with the movement on the balance beam ( a wooden plank ) and create some nice challenging movement for the necessary balance , stability and mobility that we all need so much !

    I use lots of their natural movements to challenge my clients in their own ability and capacity.
    Self limiting exercises is what Gray calls them and my clients love it !

    Whish  you lots of success with everything you do with passion and respect,

    kind regards,


  6. Oh, yes , the video that shows this particular exercise you can find on you tube;

    EFM Preview # 3 – strength, joint alignment and body placement

    Kind regards,



  7. Hi Dr.Hoffman,

    Good shoulder movement pattern  video. 
    Would like to make a comment on the ´get up off the floor´exercise,
    the ´on all fours´position – stead of walking back on your hands i think it is easier for most of us 
    to push foreward from our toes into a lunge position and get up more gracefully with the head in an upward position stead with our heads in a downward position and our asses in an upward position ?

    Kind regards,


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