This NEW “Sit to Rise” Test Predicts Early Mortality (Follow This Baby’s Dance Moves And You’ll Be Fine)


and post your score and feedback in the comments:

INSTRUCTIONS:  “Without worrying about the speed of movement, try to sit and then to rise from the floor, using the minimum support that you believe is needed.”

Each of the two basic movements are assessed and scored out of 5, with one point being subtracted from 5 for each support used (hand or knee, for example).

Move like a child


    • It starts with the free series you get upon subscribing this blog. Stability and control is critical and starts with these unique core exercises. Especially baby belly and baby back.

    • Yes Bridget, that’s a sign to do something for sure. Be sure to get on the early notification list by putting your email in the form below the videos on this post!


  1. Hi Dr. Steve

    I had a stroke last August. I’m not able to move my right side very well. What do you suggest?


    • Stroke “switches off” the deep core stability system to varying degrees. Starting by using the exercises in the free series you get when you subscribe to the blog at

      Re-awakening your deep core system mimicking infant development has a tremendous affect on re-mapping functional movement.

      The training system included in the new coaching program would be perfect since it’s designed specifically to awaken the deep core by re-training your brain. Get on the list with the form on this post if your interested.

  2. Well, that was a messy seven. But I feel blessed to do that after a stroke in 09. One of my rehab doctors was very much into core training and pilates.

    I feel that I have the strength and movement because of those being encorporated into my rehab.

    Going to look into your program. Love the baby! We all should do more child-like things. : ) Might be a better world!

    • That’s awesome that you got that kind of rehab, Dee!

      Yes…we all need to “become as a child”. It is THE answer.

      Hope to meet you inside the coaching program.


  3. 🙂 I got a 10, although on rising I leaned more heavily on my right leg… i am right side dominate, right handed, etc. Would this affect the score if the strength is not quite even, balanced?

    • Does not officially affect the score for this test. There are much more qualitative tests that bring out right to left imbalances.

      But an unbalanced movement pattern definitely means there is some kind of dysfunctional movement / posture program wired into the brain placing extra stress on tissues due to the compensation.


    • Sorry I was not in control of my environment and I had the moment of inspiration so I went with it. Start with my free information by signing up at and if you start getting stronger and better with the free stuff, consider doing the new coaching program.

      Good luck! You can do it!


  5. Dr. Steve, you always tell us to push away, never to pull. When I try to get up I need to push away with one hand. Otherwise I am trying to pull myself up which is counter to what you teach. Getting down I’m a 5. Getting up I guess I’m a 4. Not too bad for 70 I think. Looking forward to information on your month-long coaching segments.

    • Pushing away is fine here. Even though the test proved best longevity with a 10, I would argue that a well coordinated 8 with a hand push is equally powerful and probably preferable.

      I use “pulling yourself along” as a metaphor for “shuffling”. But pulling in and of itself (like pull-ups) is equally as important to master with good core stability.

  6. Dr.Steve, that baby is a hoot and an inspiration.
    I scored 4 up, 4 down = 8. Used a hand as a support point, each way. I must boast, even though I didn’t make a ten, I felt like I was moving correctly – using my core, as we learned from you in the course. I felt if I tried to force a no=hands sit-and-stand without focusing on correct movement, I’d probably tighten my neck or shoulders or something gruesome like that, to try to get there – not what you’re looking for us to do. It’s such a pleasure moving correctly. I can never thank you enough.

    • You’re exactly right, Cynthia!

      There’s nothing wrong with a 1 handed push away at all. It’s like a baby would do it and that’s good enough for me. Truth is Truth, after all…it’s the inborn pattern.

      Great observation. And it’s been a pleasure to have you as a coaching student for the last 2 years.

  7. Hi Dr. Steve and Rebecca,
    Thanks to you and Rebecca’s Centering Class I got a 9! Worth every penny and groan!

    Thanks to you both!

  8. able to get down with one hand. on way back up, used one hand and had to step my foot in a second spot to keep my balance. so i guess thats a 7. i’m 61 on valentine’s day.

  9. Hey there,

    great info and love the baby dance! what are your thoughts on this test as a movement/exercise? if your hips are tight or not lubricated then you will probably score lower no?
    I use get down and ups as movements with my clients often. i’m getting valuable diagnostics and they are moving their bodies the way they are designed.
    thoughts on the cross leg down and ups as movements?

    thanks for the great info, its great!

    • It’s a pretty advanced movement, Skye. But can also be diagnostic to pick out a tight hip by switching which leg is in front. Mine’s a lot uglier with my right leg in back.

      Plus would definitely not do this with disc / flexion intolerant people because ultimately at the end most will end in a bit of a “plop”. This shock on a flexed spine is not a good thing. Especially with repetitive exercise.

      I do like just setting up the beginning of the movement and going down a bit with a hip hinge. Also give a good mobilizing stretch to the tissue on the outside of the foot / ankle.

      good question.

  10. Hi there

    Easy 5 on the way down, harder on the way up… a bit wobbly and really putting pressure on outside of feet and ankles so truthfully about a 4 or 4.5 on the way up. So some work to do and maintain. My concern is getting my husband motivated to do any core exercises! I watch him get up and down and he scores LOW…. just don’t know how to motivate him, even though he can see the benefits that I’m gaining from it…. sigh……

    • Keep focusing on yourself, Kristina. He’ll come along when it’s right.

      Also focus on changing your own beliefs about his willingness. You’re more likely to see a different movie if you change the program inside your computer that is being projected onto the screen.

  11. Sit to rise a piece of cake thanks to you!!!! I have been following you diligently and have gotten rid of my back pain, acheived better posture and continue to improve my outlook on aging!!!!! Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing and hope to become a coaching student soon!!!!! Keep up your great work!!!!!

  12. I made it with a “weak” 10 😉 (or should I say 9): not using any support but going down a bit “abrupt” the last 10 cm and needed a good momentum forward to get up again.
    But: as already stated in earlier posts there is a more “organic” way to get up with a half turning and a little support (which I learned at a Feldenkrais seminar weekend) – feels more natural, flexible, easy, fun.
    Just remember a kid’s play: 2 persons sitting on the floor back to back, arms hooked, the task is to get up simultaneously by pressing the backs together, no hands allowed.
    And finally – what about getting up from the floor without using the legs? Done in martial arts – called kip up (pressing up with the hands behind the head, google it if you are curious) – would they score 20 ;-)?

    • You said magic words there, Maria….Natural…Flexible…Easy…FUN! Feldenkrais is awesome. There’s a lot of overlap with what I teach from the neurodevelopmental model.

      Kip up…Nice My 8 year old son does them. I’ll have to get to work on that one 🙂

      Always work right on the edge of your capacity, right?

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. I was able to get up and down without support, but as I raised from the floor I did feel pressure and some pain in my right knee. If I’ve been sitting on the floor for a space of time, I don’t do very well at all because of the pain in my knees. I have to gently ease my legs out of the cross legged position, and I definitely have to use my hands to get up.

  14. hey man,

    I am 29 years old man and have 15 kg over wight totally 97 but I did it well in second time ,regarding to your video training first time my getting up hadnt enough balance but second time it was good …so how can i lose this shity fat from my upper body specially in chest and lower abdominal?

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