Sitting Rising Test – Part 2: Clearing The Air

Since my previous video on the new “Sitting/Rising” self test to predict early mortality stirred a lot of people into action (and got some people upset with me), I wanted to clarify some things. (The COMMENTS are VERY instructive on this post!)

I was even accused of using “fear for profit” tactics by an angry (now former) subscriber!

So join me in the rain at Charlestown Park for this important honest follow up to set the record straight.

And if you haven’t done the test yet, go HERE and try it after you watch today’s video…It could be an eye-opener for you!

By the way…It was an INVIGORATING and BEAUTIFUL hike in the rain today so I included some footage for you at the end just in case you’re suffering from a little nature deficit disorder 🙂

Stay grounded and keep moving!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  The “open loop” stress I talk about in this episode is critical to understand and explains WHY I think poor sitting/standing test scores are related to increased mortality.

Check it out now and leave me your feedback in the comments!


  1. All logical arguments can be defeated by the simple refusal to reason logically.
    Ive learened a ton since 2011, which ive shared with my family and friends. You have given me information, and the only requirement for that is my understanding. I hope to learn more, thank you for this

    • Hi Dr Steve.

      Dont get discouraged by negative comments. We love you and your content. People who dont agree can ignore the advise.


      • It only stung for a little while, Jim. As this message continues to reach more people…it happens more often because I’ve put myself more into the firing line. So each time is a lesson in thicker skin. I’m just trying to stay true to my vision to help people realize their potential and learn from all feedback (good and bad) without getting emotionally attached.

  2. Hi Dr Steve – or Dear viewers….

    I hope that this comment can be viewed by everyone as I want to say that I paid up to the course and would not have it otherwise. It is always lovely to have free stuff, but it is so true that often the value of the content is overlooked if there’s not some price on it.

    But lets put this into perspective.

    Dr Steve is a qualified and knowledgable person who just happens to be generous enough to put loads of free (USEFUL) stuff up on the web. How many people do that? Most people will put up 30% of the info then make you listen to a half hour promo to buy the rest of the info. Dr Steve has given his TIME, his KNOWLEDGE, his TAILORED, PERSONAL ADVICE, his ENCOURAGEMENT, and the ability to read other peoples comments to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE – not his. FREE. And if you pay a bit, then you get that and a whole lot more time, knowledge, advice etc etc…..

    And it’s not like it’s an amount that is so unreachable. I mean, I was able to afford it! The point is I am happy to give something for this kind of life changing advice, why must people expect everything to be put on a silver platter and expect it to come for free?

    I have never met Dr Steve as I live in the UK, and have only been on the course for about 3 -4 months so I am not saying this because I’m just sticking up for a mate. But I am so grateful that I found this course as I can see it is something I will incorporate into the rest of my life and the advice and interaction from the course makes me want to defend Dr Steve’s cause here. He has been extremely generous and honest and his course it well worth every penny.

    Thanks Dr Steve, take courage and know you’re doing the right thing – after all you don’t want to end up crunched up over the computer and if you can reduce it in any way – do so! believe me… and keep moving!!! I heard that advice somewhere reputable… 😉

    Bless you, Kristina

    • Thank you, Kristina. I appreciate it. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you as a coaching student. Looking forward to being a part of your continued progress!

  3. The angry un-subscription has nothing to do with you. This person is not happy is looking for something to lash out at.

    Just ignore it and do what you think is right.

    • It only stung for a little bit. But every sting like this is another chance to step back and observe it, ask for the lesson, and let it go instead of staying stuck in the emotion.

      I’m still working on my “immunity to criticism”. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Bless your heart, Dr. Steve, thank you in every way from the depth of my heart! You’re an inspiration beyond what this almost 68 year old can express! 😉
    The love, enthusiasm, and Light that you share is rare, rare, rare indeed. I feel deeply blessed to see/feel the gift of *you!*
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for BEing, sharing and re-membering for us all ~
    Love, hugs ‘n lotsa heart-smiles of gratitude to you and your precious family,

  5. Hi Dr Steve

    I just wanted to add my comments too. I have learned loads from your free stuff over the past 2-3 years and have benefitted from it a great deal (and so have my clients). Like Kristina, I am in the UK and have never met you and I am also now happily paying to do the full course. I am very grateful that I found your site and to have access to all the knowledge, thought and experience you put into all the information you provide.

    After your video post, I looked at the original research article about the sitting/standing test and, as a former researcher, thought it was a very well-executed study that provided some very interesting findings. (I scored 9 as I needed fingertips to get back up but I’m now working towards a 10)!

    I am sorry that you received such a negative response from some people but I hope that the positive feedback you get will help you to accept that many more other people regard you as a generous and extremely knowledgeable teacher that we are very grateful for.

    With metta


    • It was a very interesting study and fit right in with my mission of making people more functional and able to do the things that make them happy!

      We all just have to understand and accept that everyone can only react according to the environment they have been immersed in and the beliefs that were created because of it.

      As soon as I judge anyone as “wrong” and put the responsibility outside myself..I give away my Power and Peace. Although it hurts to be “stung”, I am grateful for the opportunity and learning it created.

      It’s been a absolute pleasure having you as a course student. Here’s to our continuing journey!


  6. My first time replying: You hit the bullseye with your video. There is an epidemic of people who need to become aware of their own neglect. I always say ” don’t kill the messenger”. I owned a commercial gym and was a trainer as well. People have a hard time facing reality. You made the prior subscriber aware of their physical weakness which is a good thing. I ran into the same problems. New clients/members had sugar coated images of themselves thinking they were only mildly out of shape. They were shocked when they realized how badly they neglected themselves and went into a defensive mode. When prospective members told me they were only a little out of shape and only had 20 lbs to lose, I had them pick up a 20lb dumbbell and carry it for a few minutes. Quickly they began to see my point and joined the gym. They immediately began to realize the “only 20lbs” they were carrying, needed to go. Their initial anger became gratitude. Being reintroduced to one’s body is truly a gift of a life time. Awareness is the first step to over coming bad habits and creating a strong, sleek and sexy body. All of your videos are most enjoyable and an extreme wealth of knowledge!! I greatly appreciate your dedication!

    • Thank you, Shelley! Yes, without challenging our abilities, we risk complancency…a very dangerous condition that leads to making life a struggle instead of an amazing game.

  7. No one can predict any one personal mortality rate. The point here was to be able to get up and down easily. Those who are angry over this have more issues than getting up and down easily. Maybe they should work on those issues first.
    You can’t please everyone. You’re in for a big disappoint if you try.
    You rock Dr. Steve!!

    • The anger was about me scaring people with a threat of early death for profit. But if it got just one person to check in with their level of function it was worth it. And if I can help, well…that’s why I’m here.

  8. I can see from the date the video was posted that it was not about me as I did not even know Dr. Steve then. However it could have been about me. I have had a fear for over 15 years that I would fall and not be able to get up. I was very blessed to have made the decision to take the course (I was happy to pay the small fee that in reality was less than I would have payed for the information I got for free, so actually everything I have gotten inside the course is actually free) because I took advantage of the 10 minute mini coaching session that is offered twice a month, and in that short time Dr. Steve gave me information that allowed me to end that stress I had been dragging around, because after I hung up the phone I decided it was time to conqure that fear, so using the information I had learned about pushing away, I got up and down off of the floor for the first time in many, many years and I did not even find it necessary to call 911. I still have a long way to go; however, my power chair has gotten a little dusty since I made the wise decision to take this course. I will forever be grateful Dr. Steve. Your vision is most admirable and countless people will be in your debt forever.

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