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Surprisingly Simple Core Activation Trick – Are You A “Noisy Walker”?

I’ve been meaning to share this interesting core activation trick with you for a while. You’re going to love the simplicity and be surprised at how it makes you automatically engage your core in a natural, reflexive way. All you need is some noise cancelling headphones or earbuds or a quiet room with hardwood floors. Also…I believe it’s the first…

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How To Walk Strain Free and Pain Free With A New “Brain Map”

In today’s “3 Pillars” edition of Core Wellness TV you’ll learn how to keep a confident and strong walking pattern / program.   I know you’ve probably never even THOUGHT about the way your “walking program” is affecting your energy and pain levels.   But when you become AWARE of the WAY you move, and then re-program it for better…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Jeffersonville, IN Chiropractor Busts Chiropractic Myths – Plus…How To Walk Correctly!

Chiropractors in Jeffersonville, IN and Chiropractors across the U.S. are celebrating National Chiropractic Week this week! So come along with me in today's episode of Core Wellness TV where, during my workout at the park, I share how it works, and of course, bust some classic chiropractic myths like: -That "Crack" means my bones are cracking! -You can get addicted to…

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