How To Walk Strain Free and Pain Free With A New “Brain Map”

In today’s “3 Pillars” edition of Core Wellness TV you’ll learn how to keep a confident and strong walking pattern / program.
I know you’ve probably never even THOUGHT about the way your “walking program” is affecting your energy and pain levels.
But when you become AWARE of the WAY you move, and then re-program it for better efficiency, less strain, and less pain, you’ll be amazed by the
Remember…All movement is simply a brain program or “map” that can be “re-programmed” or “re-mapped”!
Of course the ability to walk depends on good hip function so you’ll get some key strategies to keep your hips open for less back and knee stress.

So that covers the “Mindset” and “Movement” Piece of the 3 Pillars.

For the “Nutrition” piece, I posted a presentation I gave at a recent raw food meetup on brain re-programming and the importance of nutrition for keeping brain chemicals in balance.
Learn the importance of fats, vitamins, amino acids and more for good brain chemical balance for focus, mood, memory, and more!
Although I barely scratched the surface on this important topic, there are a dozen or more gems in this talk so be prepared to take some notes!
Leave me a comment on the site and let me know what you think!
Have an awesome day!
Dr. Steve
P.S.  Listen…the concept of “re-mapping” or “re-programming” your brain is not “out there” woo woo stuff.  It’s the foundation of cutting edge neuroscience and human performance technology.
Isolated muscle training is going the way of the dinosaurs and a revolution is happening so get on the bus now and be on the forefront of the movement!


  1. Yet another reason to watch form on lunges. I love this! Thank you for posting. I will be mindful of my walking.

  2. I Like the way you explain things. You make it easy to understand concepts of why and how things are done the way it should be. I am learning a lot.

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