The #1 Reason WHY To Focus On Posture Exercises

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  1. THANK YOU DR STEVE. This posting actually made me cry because I’ve been ‘buzzing’ all day and was so grateful to hear you describe WHY all these efforts I’m making to improve my thoughts, posture, nutrition are important – because I want life to ‘flow through me like a fountain’ as you describe.

    I think I OFTEN get so bound up in trying to ‘improve’ myself, it sort of becomes the goal in itself, so I found this philosophical angle really helpful, as it reminded me WHY.

    Thank you:)

    • You are welcome, Jane. Very good point about the “trying to improve” becoming the goal in itself. The goal is to go through the game of life from the vantage point of knowing who and what you really are.

      There are many words for it but the FEELING is Peace.

      Glad you got the Why!


    • Steve Hoffman, you are the fountain ! you make every body turn from a pond into a river ! Brilliant.

      Thank you so much for being the embodiment of your own theories ; the prime example of “practice what you preach “.


    • Thank you for putting that out there Jane, I’m the same way. It’s so helpful to remind myself of the WHY, so it doesn’t just become solely about trying to ‘improve’ oneself. Good stuff

    • Awesome ! So happy I found your web site while I am only a week into daily sciatica and/ piriformis syndrome. Had an awful couple months a few years back – and of course it has revered its ugly head again because I wasn’t taking care of myself! Loved this video … I am inspired to strengthen my core and good habits and rid myself of this 24/7 pain! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Dr. Steve. I can’t get enough of these helpful reminders. This helped bring me to a quiet and peaceful state.


    • My most creative and inspiring thoughts come when I’m connected to the source and it’s much easier when you’re not insulated from it within the man made walls, sounds, floors, shoes, etc.

      It’s all just a big buzz. I guess this is where a buzz kill would be a good thing 🙂


  3. Another inspirational reminder to do, what is not always easy whilst earning a living helping others. No caffeine over the weekend but back to a strong cup of tea this morning, couldn’t resist but still in touch with need to not buzz but obviously that is more difficult with the various effects on the body and mind of caffeine. Appreciate all your video my back issue is slowly improving. Also now really benefit from sitting on an exercise ball at the computer, your video gave me the push to buy a new 65cms one which does it for me as I have got short legs.

  4. What great words to remind me how to calm the buzz. Great analogy and inspiration, as always. Much love and peace to you. Love that spot. Susan

    • Right back at you, Susan. I was walking along the trail thinking in my head about what to talk about to break a content creation dry spell and it was like the water coming out of that rock just gave me the words.

      Great to hear from you!

  5. I really appreciated your words in this latest video stream. I believe that an injury that I sustained to both legs (complete tear of both quadriceps tendons). has opened me up on so many levels in terms how I view myself and my life. My body has actually been an entry way to healing some long held issues. I resonate with term “body/mind” because I have a real conscious sense of what that means. I always feel your energy when you speak but I think that my recent experience will give me the opportunity to take in an apply more of what you consistently offer.
    Thank you for being you

    • You’re welcome, Guy. You’re exactly right that injuries, illnesses, sickness, etc. can be amazing cathartic experiences if we have gratitude for them and asking “What can I learn from this?” vs “Why is this happening to me again?”

      Thank you for your comment. I hope it helps others realize the power of crisis.


  6. Thankyou Steve….super video clip and enjoying the philosophical musing on physiological peace….for me I suppose it’s a “chicken and egg scenario”…which comes first, does the unresolved hurt- emotion, undealt with, create the postural adjustment to cope with it, or does the misalignment in posture cause the emotional dis “stress”….So……being originally trained in physical education and moving onto emotional counselling/education… wow…such a big field….I know of course that core fitness and postural alignment is a valuable goal to pursue AND I’ve noticed that when I pursue these physiological parameters….often….and I need to be ready for it….the underlying core cause “emotional” issue surfaces….for example….if I stand upright and allow my chest alignment to have me standing up straight, I need to deal with the underlying core cause/event(s) that had me hunch up in the first place… ( unwanted and rude male attention as a teenager) ..this requires being at peace with the sexual issues around male attention to what pushing my chest out creates……I’ve noticed in my life I can actually ask the energy within a poor postural stance and it will give me the “feeling” that taking that position masks or caters to………recently I created a weakness in my left hip, then knee and the issue pertains to strengthening my feminine power and standing naked to the truth my intuition delivers….so as I deal with the underlying core cause at an emotional level the correct physical stance…minus discomfort becomes possible……

    Interested in your thoughts….Ursu;a

    • Absolutely the core cause of a “closed” or “defensive” posture can be rooted in stressful emotional experiences…especially if they occurred during the “critical period” of 0 to 7 years.

      But when you physically “open up” like you do with your chest, it is the critical moment to use the power of forgiveness…or a new declaration or affirmation or something like EFT (search emotional freedom technique) to re-map that part of your brain that is still holding on to your past wiring.

      Just like your hip pain disappearing…you will be able to stand with an open, confident, and yes…vulnerable posture again.


  7. Dr Steve
    I am grateful to you and applaud your excellent work . As a fellow professional (retired ,as if that ever happens) in rehabilitation exercise prescription , I am always inspired by your knowledge and enthusiasm. Keep nup the good work ,you are making a difference . Namaste John

  8. Hello dr Steve,
    Thanks for your video-message. I’m doing some mindfullness training to relax and reduce the stress. But the pain in my lower back and hips and buttocks comes just after relaxation. When I wake up at night or in the morning when I get up, I cannot sit or walk straight up. After a little while and some moving, the pain gets away and during the day my back feels ok. When I have to stand still for a little while I feel the same pain coming on. Have you any idee why? Klaas

    • I wouldn’t dream of telling you why without knowing much more detail, Klaas. Watch for a coaching program to open again if you would like my detailed advice. Until then the fundamentals series you got when you subscribed to this site is a great place to start.

  9. Very nice video.I think questions are one of the more important things, cause the more you learn the less you know.

    About a year or so ago i started eating rice for almost the first time. Ive never enjoyed the taste of it, not because the rice itself wasent good enough. It was my expectations that was the problem. I used “All logical arguments can be defeated by the simple refusal to reason logically” to think about food. I started eating because of the function of food, nutrition not taste. Now insted of eating something that tastes better, i eat something i really dislike cause then the food i normally eat is gonna taste that much better. A few years ago i could easliy have drinked 2 large cokes in one day. Now i have trouble just tasting it. Now 80% of what i eat is vegetables and rice. My greatest achievement so far in my life 🙂

    I heared someone say that we should not think what we want,but what we need. But isent what we want what we need? Why else would we want it ? Cause of the things we learn, and when there’s x ammount of ways doing it, why should the thing you learn be the most optimal choice ? It most likely won’t, because they might not have thought of it.

    • Yes. likes and dislikes are beliefs held in the wiring of your brain and can be re-wired by focused, conscious attention like you did with the rice and cokes.

      The want/need thing…That’s tricky…Wants of the ego are much different than the wants of the Spirit.

  10. Hi Dr. Steve,

    Thank you very much for taking your time and energy to share your knowledge and wisdom with us!

    Please know you impact people’s lives on a huge level! I enjoyed your video and could relate to the buzz feeling. When I have that, it feels as though I have turned off the ignition in my car…but the motor is still running.

    Thank you again,
    Linda Black

  11. Dr. Steve,
    What do you think about the Thomas Stretch? If you think it is a good thing to do could you show us the proper way to do it?

    • The modified Thomas test that I use in the hip tightness self test from the Reverse CPS Now free series on this site is the same position as the stretch. Just get into position and let your leg hang while you breathe.

      You can lift the leg slightly and hold for 3 or 4 breaths then let it relax. It should fall a bit more each time. Test for freedom of movement and / or pain relief with forward bending before and after.

  12. Dr. Steve,

    So many folks above have already commented clearly many of my exact feelings and thoughts about this video.

    So let me just sum it up by saying this: As one who is making tremendous strides on the road of healing a serious back injury, you are 100+ percent correct, you have nailed it with this one! What you have so precicely described, is right where healing begins, continues, and thrives!

    Could not, would not, be where I am today without you and your willingness to share! Keep doing what you are doing so I can keep moving and healing!

    Thank you for what you do so willingly for us all.

  13. Brilliant , encapsulated the simplicity of life and nature in one short video. Occam’s Razor, the most obvious explanation is almost always the right one, again brilliant !

  14. Hi Dr Steve.

    You’d asked me in an email if I’d seen any benefits from the course and I wrote an essay. But watching this makes me realise something else. The buzz can be turned off while doing the exercises I’ve noticed – not 100% as there’s lots of distractions in this 1 bed flat in London (and it’s too cold to go to a crowded park – never a space of your own here), but some % is turned off. When I lived in Adelaide, Australia, I’d turn the buzz off at the beach, or in a national park which was so easy to get to. But here I am learning to turn the buzz off in amongst the buzz out of necessity. It’s very good mental training. I’m a learner, but I can see progression in that some of the clutter gets pushed aside when I spend time on the course. Also have to agree with Jane (first comment) about trying to ‘improve’ myself – it had over taken me and stressed me out after the accident and prior to this course. Now I am just enjoying getting better.

    You’re so right about if we just turn off the buzz, we can hear answers. And in that environment, they are answers I want to hear and not miss…. Thanks for being so open and true to yourself and us lot out here.

    Nature heals and is the soul of the earth, that’s another thing I’m grateful to be reminded of living in this big smoke.

    Thanks again….

    • So much wisdom in your reply, Kristina.

      First…the “buzz’ of stress CAN be at least turned DOWN by grounding and centering exercises like you’re doing in the coaching course.

      Second…seeing the “buzz” as an OPPORTUNITY for MENTAL TRAINING. Always looking for the opportunity in the illusion of madness.

      Third…Clutter gets pushed aside when placing focus and attention on Peace and Calm promoting activities.

      Fourth…magic words…”just enjoying”

      Fifth…quote ” if we just turn off the buzz, we can hear answers.”

      Sixth…quote “Nature heals and is the soul of the earth, that’s another thing I’m grateful to be reminded of living in this big smoke.” Big smoke is right. It is like a smokescreen attempting to cover up our True Selves, which have nothing to do with the material world. Once we really get this…the smoke becomes nothing more than a fun game of finding our way through it.

      Thank you, Kristina. I am honored to have you as a course student AND a teacher.

      • Well thank you, though wisdom can only be found and reflected if you are willing to listen to those much more wise and learned than yourself, so thank you teacher!!

        A book that might be of interest to those wanting to turn off the buzz is called Finding Sanctuary by Abbot Christopher Jamison. Though obviously written from a Christian perspective, it very much respects other religions and really talks more about social expectations, consumerism, busy-ness (and how we’re sold busy-ness to be a good thing) and then goes about teaching you how to be aware of yourself, spirit and positivity in life. Not what I’d call a book to convert people – but a great book for any one who’s wanting to find sanctuary from our man made selves, thoughts and surroundings.

        Food for thought….


  15. You’re quite right of course and I should take more time to relax and go for walks etc even if I get home late from work. I find I am so stressed and exhausted most of the time, teaching in a large London school with some difficult children and being accountable for pupils’ exam results and progress, as well as leading my department. My neck and shoulders ache and are so tense. I feel encouraged to make the effort and go for a brisk walk to enjoy the nature and remove my thoughts from work related issues.
    Thanks for your videos and posture teachings. I really appreciate them even if I don’t email often!


    • Yes…nature is calling you, Marie-Christine! And like Kristina above…you can find the calm in the midst of the chaos by taking some “unplugging” breaks where you work on exercises for good breathing and centered posture and opening up your chest, etc. like the ones here on the blog.

      Also…your food, if raw and still containing the original energy of the sun can be grounding as well…especially green food!


    • Hi Marie-Christine (and Dr Steve!)

      My name’s Kristina (in the post above) and also live in London – just thought it’d be nice to meet up if we’re anywhere near each other and yak about the course etc – it’d be nice to put a face to a name with any of the great people on this course who are all so inspired and willing to make change in their lives, and for one to be living here in London is great! I live in East Dulwich at the moment (though that might change as our landlord is wanting to sell) and work over in Lewisham… but I do often get into the city area especially around Soho (where there’s a nice raw and veg cafe!). Perfectly fine if you would rather not – but just thought I’d put it out there…

      Dr Steve – not sure how one would go about sharing email addresses but I’m happy for you to pass mine on to Marie-Christine if asked for.

      Cheers, Kristina

  16. Dr. Steve,

    It was so wonderful to see this video now. The roads are frozen in ice…..and I’m stuck at home….alone. This is a wonderful thing because the schools are closed, and therefore I don’t have to rush off to work….to either of my. jobs. This is WONDERFUL!! I needed this time to relax and refocus. I was just reading in my new book Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman and a couple of raw food books. Then I got on the computer and seen your video clip. Very inspiring. I miss everyone at the raw foods meetup so badly. I miss the encouragement gained from being around one another. I often think how I need to be taking your posture courses. I have a bulging disk in my back that keeps pinching my sciatic nerve. It’s from a car accident when I was just 18, but it’s getting worse due to the nature of my jobs. I am trying to take some steps to help correct this, but I would really enjoy keeping in touch with you and Rebecca and gaining insight from you. I always enjoy the videos you post, but I hadn’t watched one in quite a while. I love that you film them in nature….so calming and soothing. Thanks so much for all you all do to help other people! Love you guys!


  17. Thanks Steve for your comments reply to me…..been away for a while….away from the computer buzz…..yes indeed…the technique I use to unplug from the wiring to old conditioning patterns held in my unconscious and stored in my body tissue… quite simple actually…..I do believe that every experience we go through is one we created, tailor made for our own unfoldement needs….in other words, we’re all tangled and messed up in our relationship to the particular buzz….or as Stuart Wilde calls it….tick tock….in our own unique and particular to us way….it’s not generalized and we don’t show up like everybody else…..spirit or the source of me, taught me to simply ask my body…..where it hurts or aches or has emotional sensation…what it wishes or needs to tell me….like the rock with the water delivering water and the answer to your creative block….the body does the same……and gives invaluable information to how you are stuck….what you needed to learn and “wise up about” unique to you!

    I believe OUR own bodies hold ALL the information we need, more than teachers or even books, gurus or religious leaders.

    It will tell you….where the source or true aspect of your SELF is. Where it is misaligned, what the misunderstanding was….what you decided/chose, and the outcome of that and how to get back….of course wiser, more knowing and experienced for the diversion off your true path into others “false information”about life……we live in a world system, promoted, marketted, pushed, we’re fear driven, worry oriented and problem solving directed instead of knowing it could be so easy, so graceful, so flowing and so Aaaaaah, Yes, of course…..lots of kudos to you Steve for what you are doing, waking people’s bodies up to be more tuned into the truth.

    Ursula ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Exactly the goal, Ursula. “Waking people’s bodies up to more tuned in to the truth.”

      Well said. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.


  18. it’s good to hear, from time to time, someone who can remind us what is important in Life.

    yes it is flowing, even know not always in the way we wish/hope/expect…

    ….even THIS will pass away…..

    thanks, doc’

    Thierry (from Tenerife – Spain – Europe… ….i think !)

  19. Great video Doc!

    I have a question regarding the somatic sense of one’s “center.” What is the general shape of the pressurized area between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor?

    Should it be more round and spherical- as if you’re bring the diaphragm and pelvic floor as close together as possible? -or- Should it be more long and cylindrical?

    Would love to hear what your center feels like when your ribs are in the lowest expiratory position.

    Thanks Doctor Steve

    • I, myself, create a sense of a “ball of power”. But look at the rehab Prague school website on the research page on the paper Kolar P. Kobesova A.: Postural – Locomotion Function in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Disorders; Clinical Chiropractic, 2010, vol. 13, no. 1, pgs. 58-68. for some images.

      • Thanks Steve, that’s an awesome resource!

        If you’ve the time I’ve got one more question.

        How do you treat Diastasis Recti to restore normal IAP and breathing stereotypes?

  20. Hi Steve, I found ‘The Unexpected REAL Reason To Focus On Posture and Health’ video helped me make the connections with the CPS course modules I’m part-way through right now. I listened rather than watched the video, and used my breathing to try to find that a peaceful quiet place, and it was then I realised 1 of my ‘blockages’ is around my ribcage left rear ribcage area. So the philosophical lesson ticked my box. While it was not an epiphany, it has started me on the road to find body/mind peace. This was the 2nd realisation of the weekend. You and others may want to share the 1st, which stopped me in my tracks with tears of joy, at the utter wonder of the universe that we so often take for granted. It’s here:

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