Two Great Hip Exercises That Also Help Back Pain And Knee Pain



  1. Loved the natural setting with springs!   And the single leg hip flex.  Confused about the second one, stabiity.   I got it that your raised leg hip was higher than Ideal.  But I'm not sure I got the point–was it to squeeze the glutes for stability?  Thank you and Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks again Steve for another fundamental yet simple exercise with enormous benefits. I sometimes try to perform this exercise in the dim light at night.  And for a real challenge, with my eyes closed.

    At 69 I can still manage to do these.  [ I used to skate and do ice jumps, so I want to hold onto as much balance as I can. ]

    As always, your explanation for the neurological and/or physiological basis for each exercise is so easy to comphrehend.

    You speak of things mentioned in other texts and books, but in contrast to the popular guru presentations, your unique explanations and your connections to the underlying theory and purpose is so much more clear to me.

    Nice to see you enjoying the world of nature with your family. 


    Happy New Year!

    • Skate ice jumps…cool!   Balance is King…keep it up my friend!  You're words are beyond kind.  Glad you're getting clarity.  You can do it eyes closed when you train it.

  3. Watching this video caused joy to spring up inside me. It was so fun to be able to take a hike in such beauty with your family. I have seen still pictures of icicles on rocks, but the video made them so real, I could almost feel how cold they were. Because movement is so hard for me, I never find exercising boring. However, I had not felt the level of joy I do when I work on my walking while watching the video. I suppose some would call it only rocking using my walker for balance. I prefer to call it pre-walking. Thank you so much for so clearly breaking down the movements that are required to walk. I can only do them as parts at a time now, but I see progress. Just as you have taught me to bring the floor to me in the modified exercises. You have brought the joy of nature to me. Thank you so much! This format of teaching while on a hike, is visionary. 

  4. Enjoyed the video. I have chronic right SI joint pain and frequent nerve funk down my right leg. I find your split squat helpful to stretch the front of the right hip/thigh (as well as overall strengthening) and the hip hinge for stretching the piriformis muscle. Doing the hip hinge seated in a chair seems to give a deeper stretch. Other than the added benefits of balancing while standing, is one preferred over the other?

    Thanks for your work!

    • You're right, Brett.  It's the same stretch for the same area.  I prefer it if possible because it's a more functional that requires good motor control for the hip hinge.  It's movement training.  And you should be able to get just as deep of a stretch when you really sit back into it and get the hinge going.

  5. Dr. Steve,

    Liked the exercises, setting and beard but really liked the music at the beginning, Can you share where it came from? Hi to Rebecca.

    • Thanks Sheryl!  The music was actually some royalty free stock music that's part of the editing software called "Global Vibes".  I'll tell Rebecca hello!

    • Aww the beauty of nature…I love love the sound of rushing water, it's so refreshing, soothing and calming. My goal for the next 3 months is to walk 20 minutes each day 6 days a week, and after watching this video the treadmill is even more boring :(…thank you for including the beautiful nature with the stretches. I love the stretches, especially the one for the lower back/hip…infact when i do it i feel it stretching all the way up my spine. It's been exciting to see how well i could balance while doing this, my balance has improved so much since i started doing the lunges and stretches. Wonderful, powerful info again…thank you!!

      btw that first post was not supposed to go! 🙂

  6. Received this post in my email a month ago and  RECENTLY been having knee pain problems (which after a time I worked out on my own was related to my hips and how I was walking.) Have not resolved the pain, but am excited to have these exercises to help me get myself back to right.

    When the student is ready the master appears huh?

  7. I love the natural scene and the sound of the moving water!  I have always really enjoyed and found relief in those 2 hip stretches, but for a little while now, my knees will bother me now from time to time when I do the hip flex, especially standing up.  Sometimes I do it on the floor while lying on my back, but it still will bother my knees sometimes, even in that position.

  8. My husband’s balance is very poor.
    What would suggest in starting to do this exercise for him?
    He has lower back pain.
    I myself will try this exercise. Thanks.

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