Video Postcard From Arizona

Just wanted to share this spectacular view with you from the top of the Peralta trail in the Superstition Mountains just east of Mesa, AZ.

Top of Peralta Trail in Superstition Mntns. east of Mesa

Top of Peralta Trail in Superstition Mntns. east of Mesa

arizona-cactus-variety1Had a short but fantastic trip to visit my snowbirding parents in Scottsdale.  What amazing energy that climate has!  It was about 10-15 degrees cooler than it usually is but I wasn’t complaining about a solid 65.

Gila River Valley...once the pima home, now a resort and casino

Also got to see the area I always talk about when I do my seminars on insulin resistance, sugar handling and diabetes.  The Gila River Valley, home of the Pima Indians who did just fine and dandy when they were active and growing crops with extensive irrigation systems but after white man come and they got ousted from their natural environment they are all overweight and dyinng of heart disease and diabetes in their 50’s.

Strong and vital Pimas

Strong and vital Pimas

Modern Pima Woman

Modern Pima Woman

The “thrifty genotype” like the Pima’s is good at storing energy for famine.  But when food is available everywhere and can even be delivered to your door the population suffers.

So the question is…do the Pima’s suffer from poor genetics?…or a poor environment?  Seems to me that it’s a good solid answer to the age old “nature vs. nurture” issue.

Another question.  Is it possible to change your environment and therefore change your health status?

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  1. Incredible and inspirational photos. I will be going in a couple of weeks and will be able to experience the healing atomosphere as well. Everyday, I continue to see how we can control so much in our environment and our daily lives from our activities to what we put in our bodies. I continue to pray that more and more people can absorb these good vibrations!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beauty out there. No wonder I always feel so great after a hike. I’m out in nature and it really does recharge the batteries. Balm for the soul. Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed the trip.

  3. Wow! The Pima people have really suffered because of nurture. It seems pretty obvious that nurture is a key element in health.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, it’s a real pick me up!

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