Daniel’s Back Pain Case Study (Virtual Posture Evaluation)


  1. Hi Dr Hoffman,

    I am very interesting in your lessons. I do massage and I refer people constantly to Esther Gokhales book “8 steps to a Pain-“free Back. I think what you are teaching on Cross Posture Syndrome is fantastic. I am currently saving for a trip back to the USA to see family. So money is tight for me at the moment. But I’m working on that 🙂 I would like to participate in your coaching but I live in Tasmania AU. Is the training on DVD? or is it on-line? I use and have shown clients some of the exercises that you have taught like the Push away lunge and the half down dog stretch that you do using a railing or bench top, etc. (I love that one)

    Is your offer of 3 x $97 payments still good?

    Cheers Michelle

  2. Wow, thanks! this case study could be me! Although my pelvis isn't quite as tilted it's spookilly similar (over-active lats and upper traps, tilted pelvis and lack of core strength). I've been struggling with high levels of tension in my back and neck and voice problems as a result for years. Have started your free programme, could you send me info about the full programme please? I'd like to do it in conjunction with Alexander technique lessons i'm doing.




    • Yes, it’s a predictable, but fortunately, reversible pattern, Steven.

      It will definitely end up as some kind of debilitating or at least annoying pain if you don’t correct it.  The info on the full course is HERE

      Let me know if you have any questions.


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