Important Walking Posture Tip, The “Controlled Burn” Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Secret, And The Brady Bunch Workout!

Here's what you'll learn in today's episode of Core Wellness TV!  (and from the Brady Bunch 🙂
  • The critical point in the walking / gait cycle that you must master to avoid ending up "pulling yourself along" behind a walker!
  • How to look and feel strong and confident so you can hike, travel, and generally just get around better! (without everyone having to wait on you)
  • A simple daily strategy to keep a "controlled burn" of optimal cellular energy while avoiding the "wildfire" of chronic inflammation that leads to pain, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, tendonitis, and all degenerative diseases.

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!  Have some fun and do something that breaks you out of your cycle and feels GOOD to you!

Keep on moving…keep on grooving (you know…like the Brady Bunch kids!)  Thanks for tuning in!  I appreciate it!
Dr. Steve
P.S.   As a matter of fact, I'll link to the Brady kids' video below so you dance along with them and get a great workout!  It's GREAT for hip rotation mobility and let's face it…Greg's got a pretty mean lunge at the 3:12 mark!   But I think Peter's got some tight hip flexors and could use some deep core training to reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome!


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  1. Another very informative video! I've been on the green smoothies for a couple of weeks now – love it! Thanks!

  2. Always timely.

    Always gets me back on track.

    Thanks for all the positive energy.

    Got to keep thinking green like a slow burn not the spontaneous sparks.


  3. In practicing one's walking posture (or any other ambulatory activity) would it not be a good idea to use a treadmill in front of a mirror so as to bring or sense of sight into play?

  4. Thank you for the great videos! Can you please make a video showing the difference between positioning yourself to sit and then positioning yourself to stand and walk. I find myself struggling in diffrentiating between the two and I'm not sure whether my pelvis should be tilted the same way when standing as when sitting or are the two postures completely different? Thank you!

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