WHY and HOW To Fix Crossed Posture (Demo Workshop Recorded Live)

Last Tuesday was the second event in a Holistic Medicine community awareness project I'm part of (along with 2 other M.D.'s and a D.O.) called  "Pathways To Individual Health"
I took my segment and posted the entire video for you below so you can stay up to date!
As you'll see…my computer bonked out as I started giving my talk.  Honestly, I think it was a blessing and made the talk more practical and more importantly FUN!  But I'll let you decide 🙂
Here are some of the important concepts I share:
  • The importance of paying your "Tissue Debt" (or else it ends up creating pain or symptoms you can't ignore)
  • The "Bowling Ball on a stick" awareness exercise (you'll understand immediately why you have to put out energy against the downward and inward pull of gravity!)
  • Why the THOUGHT of the movement when you exercise is sometimes more important than the actual movement itself! (Get the image in your mind and the brain gets to work rewiring behind the scenes!)
  • Why a 36 inch x 6 inch foam roll is your best friend against the upper body "hump back" (with a simple example of how to use it)
  • The key to activating your deep core muscles so your big outer muscles don't have to overwork and cause you pain!
  • Why a properly executed lunge exercise can be the secret to long term back pain relief (actually it's great for knees, hips, and even upper body issues, too, but the focus in this talk was on relieving back pain.)
  • A very simple "biofeedback" method you can use to test yourself to make sure you can BREATHE like you were designed (plus WHY if you breathe shallowly, it leads to pain, trigger points, and muscle fatigue!)

(If you would like more in depth training and individual health withouth having to travel to Jeffersonville, you can access my whole comprehensive posture transformation and therapeutic lifestyle change program on the web for less than spending one hour with me in person.  You can get the details on what exactly to expect HERE.)

Enjoy the workshop and be sure to post you comments and questions below!




  1. Thanks for the reminder. Haven't exercised much since last spring but after seeing the video I am back at it and feeling better already.

  2. Thank you so much Dr. Steve, amazing presentation. I am excited to see what the lunges will do for my lower back pain…experienced a lot of discomfort when i did it while watching you all, also my balance is an issue and am wondering what to do to correct that. I have had the foam roll for a while already and can testify that nothing feels better to my body after a long stressful day then to lay on that roll and relax…there is so much i would love to ask you concerning the fitness program i have been doing and the ways my body is responding to it. Some day I hope to meet you in person Dr. Steve, you have inspired me so much in my journey of wellness :)….I would love for you to do a structure evaluation on me sometime, my health history etc from the past is a couple stacks high and it's only in the last two years that i have been addresssing the core issues and have found the journey rather difficult yet at the same time exciting. My system crashed at age 16 and i am now 30 and so you get the picture…many years lost and spend in physical sickness with no answers! I am beginning to live again and trying to learn what a normal life is supposed to look like…it's exciting ðŸ™‚ Thanks again!

    • Right on, Rebecca!  So glad you're back on track!  Glad I could be a part of it.

      I agree…the foam roll ROCKS!

      The lunge we demonstrate in the video is not easy for most people when they begin but becomes easier as the brain learns the pattern.

      If you would like more individual attention, consider enrolling in the full course at the Core Wellness Institute.  You get 3 months of direct access in the comments on the site and twice monthly direct Skype video access.  All for less than one hour in person at the clinic 🙂 

      I look forward to meeting you in person one day as well, Rebecca.


      • Thank you Dr. Steve, i would enroll in the Full Course in a heartbeat if i could financially, however it is on my to-do list for the future or when i can. Currently i am pouring a lot into my health finacially through nutrition and trying to heal my body from the inside out (the core) which i have no regrets, but continue to stand amazed at the results i am seeing and the ways God has been healing. I appreciate so much you sharing all this free info for people like me…it confirms to me that you truely do care about the well-being of others, keep up the good work and God Bless!!

          • Watched a 2010 video you did and loved it, especially the last part where you did the "surfing demo" with all the yoga balls…it was so cool and is so something i would try if i had that many balls…i know you said we shouldn't try it at home but it looked so fun. 🙂 I am realizing as i continue to heal from the core in all aspects of life that a sense of adventure is awakening within that i didn't know was there in the past. Life is Good! Thanks again for all the educational info you share!!

  3. Thank you for this bonus, Dr. Steve!  I had learned all this in your excellent Core Wellness course a couple of years ago. I have continued to improve but this reminder and demonstration was a great revision exercise and I can see it will be easy for me to improve my form which has gotten a little slack since I did your course. For me push away points were everything as I tended to not ground myself and I appreciate you reinforcing this!

    Keep up the fabulous  help you are giving people like myself. Cheers, Sue.

  4. Hello Dr. Steve!

    Thank you very much for posting this. I went directly out for a walk and imagined my hands on something firm pushing me in a straight position. Got so much pain in my upper back and me left knee! Very interesting. Once again, thank you.

    Annika, Sweden


    • Hi Annika, make sure you are very subtle with the INTENTION of pushing away.  Also be sure to get connected with your back support zone like we talked about toward the end of the presentation. 

      The self tests and fundamental exercises you get when you subcribe to the list here on the blog will help with this.  -drh

  5. Nice to see you spread the word on the foam roller. I love mine and couldn't live without it.
    I will be working on my breathing. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  6. Stretching, exercising, and using ALL of your feet as you stand and walk will improve your balance, make your movements more graceful, and provide a more solid, grounded foundation for your body.


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