Correct Forward Head Posture: Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Training Muscles…Spinal Decongestion and MORE

I had an inspiration today to share a "3 Pillars" (Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition) Friday Wrap-Up session with you based on some of the strategies I've used this week  with my patients (and a crazy story from my recent camping trip) so you can get the benefit of being a patient / private client just by being part of the Core Wellness community!


The MINDSET piece focuses on why you should train MOVEMENT PROGRAMS instead of focusing on training MUSCLES.  Listen…it's more about the SOFTWARE (your nervous system programs) than it is about the HARDWARE (your bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc.)

The MOVEMENT piece is about how to correct forward head posture by getting rid of the stiffness in your upper back.  This, without a doubt is the BIGGEST human movement dysfunction I see and attempt to correct and reprogram on a daily basis.

The NUTRITION piece is about the surprising effects of too much omega 6 fats from grain and things that eat grain and how it actually creates a stress response in your body.  But of course I give you some strategies to correct it!

ENJOY and leave your questions and comments below!


  1. interesting! I’ve been doing yoga poses like blade which is pretty much what you recommended. Squeezing your shoulder blades together to open up your back and chest. It really helps my neck. Thanks for the great explanation. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Wendy. I LOVE Yoga.

      Just make sure it’s not a pure “squeeze together” of the shoulder blades to achieve this upper back extension. It’s more about the shoulder blades sliding down towards your back pockets as your head comes back into good centration. Same thing when you reach overhead for a stretch.

      I see too many people squeeze shoulder blades together and bring in too much activity in the shoulder blade shruggers (upper traps, levator) while letting the ribs flare too much in the front.

      Just some details that matter a lot. Little hinges swing big doors.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. thank you for your inspiring site, I am 54 years old, 5ft 10ins and have been stretching my back and neck as my neck is leaning forward. Am I too old to correct this now, even if I follow your wise words?

    • Focusing of getting movement into your upper spine with strategies like these will go a long way in helping your body function much better as the PROGRAM in your brain changes, your soft tissue will adapt and even remodel over time.

      Of course this is only one piece of the greater puzzle…but it’s a great place to start.

      And NO…it’s not too late!

  3. Great info Dr. Steve! Just what I needed to hear. I’m dealing with a forward head (i.e., neck pain/chronically subluxated vertebrae, headaches, constant tension in head/neck/shoulders). I thought the problem was in my neck until a physical therapist recently told me that the problem is likely in my upper back. I also have 2 herniated discs in my neck and 2 in my low back. Very frustrating. I’m hoping I can start feeling some relief soon and eventually get back to normal functioning. Chronic inflammation is also a problem for me. It can all feel a bit overwhelming at times. (At 51, I feel like I’m too young to be having all of these problems…) So, thanks for all of the helpful information you provide!

    • Upper back is almost always a key link, Natalie.

      Be sure to do the fundamental exercises from the video series you got when you subscribed to the site for more help.

      I will also be opening up the full training course soon as well if you want to dive in deeper.

      Regarding chronic inflammation…the nutrition piece of this video will help a TON!

      • Hey Dr Steve – when will that full training course begin? I can’t wait! I’ve lost 6 lbs (I need to lose 45 total) eating GREENS. I don’t do grasses yet – what do you recommend for starters?

        I’ve been aware of my breathing, my posture much more since I began watching you. I LOVE your Peace Physiology talk – it all made perfect sense. It explained why I regained the 18 lbs I had lost, while my mother was dying this past year. Too much going on, my head was spinning, the urge for sugar was endless. And even small amounts of sugar which satisfied me, seemed to just add a ton to my frame, you’d have thought I went through a pint of haagen dazs every night. Not so, but sure – my whole system was vibrating out of balance, out of control

        I wrote down 4 “M”s and 1 “N” : Movement, Meditation, Mental work (the good absorbing kind: exercise, playing my violin, writing/reading), Massage. And Nutrition. Those seem to be pillars for me now in new Healthy Mode.

        • WOW! That’s so awesome, Di!

          Peace physiology is definitely the goal and I understand about your Mom and what you’ve been through. We lost my Mom about a year and a half ago as well.

          Stress brings on a lot of fat storing metabolism and continuing to seek peace through the system you’ve laid out for yourself is obviously working and right on track.

          The coaching course will be opening soon…I promise.

          Dr. Steve

  4. Thanks again for the great video. I love your lessons. I have regained a lot of movement through your lessons. As someone who has had back pain for years, your training has changed my life.

  5. Great Info!! I don’t think I’ve seen video about stretching hip flexors. Also interested in anything that helps lengthen the tailbone–very difficult for me…not sure why.

    • There’s a “Push Away Lunge” exercise for the hip flexors in the fundamental exercise series you receive when you sign up here on the website with your name and email, Karen.

  6. Dr. Steve, Another great video! I love your stuff. I’ve been having some T4 issues recently and this is very helpful. The compression actually gives me a sensation that there is a tight cord wrapped around my torso right at that T4 level. Sometimes tighter than other times. I will get on either a foam roll or ball. Also recently watched a documentary, “Vegucated” that talked about the upsides to plant based lifestyles and economies. They also showed some industrial chicken farms where they grind up the male chicks because they don’t produce eggs!

  7. Hi Dr. Steve,
    I am 52 and have compression at the C7-T1 level. Your video on pushing away and up and pulling chin in has helped me. I do have a tendency to have a chin-forward posture. I am very active with landscaping, hiking, racquetball, biking. When I am in incorrect posture, the nerves at C7-T1 are compressed and send pain down my back which then spasms and I am rendered useless for 24 hours. Tens unit and muscle relaxers get me through.
    What can I be doing for this specific area?

    • The exercise in this videos are important to be able to correct forward head posture and get decompression through that area.

      As always…seek a good functional diagnosis from a chiro or PT skilled in functional rehab for individual help.

      I will be opening my training course and coaching program soon if you would like more in-depth guidance.

      Keep it up!


  8. Enjoy your self-help videos.

    Have you done one yet on proper way(s) to get in/out of car and SUV? I suspect that many (not all) of our joint ailments can be traced back to the seemingly innocent movements involved in getting into/out of the sacred motorized vehicle.


    • Thanks Fred! Consider it considered. You’re exactly right…the moment to moment movements of daily life can very well be our best and most important exercise. Life is an exercise!

  9. I read a comment where you told a 54 year old man that it was still possible for his soft tissue to adapt and even remodel over time. This should be shouted from the mountain tops. You are the first chiropractor I have ever heard say this. It is so inspiring! Part of the reason folks over 50 don’t fully engage in changing old habits is that we are under the impression that it is in fact too late.

    I already eat completely grain, dairy and sugar free, and am definitely a fan of living in the now and cultivating internal peace. The knowledge and education you are providing is the missing element in my life. I can’t wait to download/buy your videos. It doesn’t seem to be available right now, or am I mistaken?

    a new fan,

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