Core Wellness Training To Reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome

Announcing: Core Wellness Institute Training Program Open

Core Wellness Coaching Course to Reverse The Pain, Fatigue, and Unhealthy Aging From Crossed Posture Syndrome is NOW OPEN!

Get Up Transition Mistake

Classic “Get Up” Exercise Mistake (It’s all in the TRANSITIONS)

I wanted to get this out before we start our day of Christmas projects at Rebecca’s Mom’s house.  (Leveling a bathroom floor, replacing a toilet, splitting firewood, and more :-)) This “Winter Solstice” edition of Core Wellness TV was recorded on the actual solstice where the sun was in it’s lowest point in the sky and actually stood still. This shortest…

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driving tips adl

Driving Posture Tips for Less Pain and Stress on the Road

Squat tips and Earthing

Squat Exercise Tips with an “Earthing” Anti-Oxidant Twist!

Coming at you fully energized with this one today!  You just can’t help but be charged up when you’re teaching squat technique while soaking up the Earth’s negative electrons.   And in this instance, negative is a good thing 🙂 Get outside, move naturally, and live with meaning. Enjoy and leave your questions and comments below. 

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3 lunge mistakes

3 Lunge Mistakes To Avoid To Save Your Back, Knees, and Hips

I cringe when I’m at the gym when I see well meaning folks attempting to “get back in shape” without having a good foundation of quality movement. The lunge exercise is a classic and fantastic exercise but it is also the most poorly executed…especially for newbies to the movement. In this episode of Core Wellness TV, I go over the…

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exercises for knee pain

Important Exercises For Knee Pain. OR…Is It Just All In Your Head?

As I was walking through the walnut grove at Perrin Park this morning being VERY strategic about my foot to hip connection to rehabilitate my knee, I thought I would share some keys for healthy knees with you. [spacer height=”20px”] So these are a few fundamentals and couple of short stories about how to keep your knees from getting damaged…

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Ball chair fail and a better way to do the “doorway stretch”

This past Tuesday I talked to a group of 75 dentists for their continuing education about crossed posture and the 3 pillars of Core Wellness. I recorded it for you pulled out a couple of short clips with good “take homes”about ball chairs and the “doorway” chest stretch.   So many people do both of these things…use balls as chairs and…

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