“Transition” Exercises For Rounded Shoulders (lessons from a baby)

When it comes to fixing rounded shoulders and forward head posture for the long term, you must get to your core. Today you are transported into my treatment and training space for a mini case study documenting a successful conservative care approach to a patient with 3 compression fractures in her upper back. The goal was to essentially transform her…

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Hip Pain Exercise Troubleshooting (the bridge / transition test)

Nothing says Happy New Year like watching movies all day (we did Almost Famous and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and, of course, a good self test to check your hip, pelvis, and core stability 🙂 Since I’m still on the “transition with grace” theme, I thought I’d share a story about how a “transition” helped uncover a key…

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Get Up Transition Mistake

Classic “Get Up” Exercise Mistake (It’s all in the TRANSITIONS)

I wanted to get this out before we start our day of Christmas projects at Rebecca’s Mom’s house.  (Leveling a bathroom floor, replacing a toilet, splitting firewood, and more :-)) This “Winter Solstice” edition of Core Wellness TV was recorded on the actual solstice where the sun was in it’s lowest point in the sky and actually stood still. This shortest…

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5 month side lying "transition" exercise

The “5 Month Side Lying Transition” Exercise To Fix Forward Head and Rounded Shoulders

Let’s take your body back in time to when you were 5 months old and re-awaken your ideal posture and movement patterns, OK? This “transition” exercise is critical for training your shoulder blades to automatically go to their optimal position for: Less neck tension (and less headaches) Better shoulder “ball and socket” alignment (helps with tendonitis, bursitis, impingement syndrome, etc)…

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hold your water

5 Ways (at least) To Keep Your Body Young, Healthy, and Hydrated (It’s ALL About WATER!)

Want to discover how to keep your cells and tissues of your body looking and feeling like young hydrated grapes instead of old and shriveled raisins?  Yes?  OK…good, because that’s what today’s episode of Core Wellness TV is all about. As I walk the running waterways from the field after a big rain at the farm, I share 5 or…

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Diversity Rules

The Key To A Healthy Brain (Lessons from Soil)

Here’s the thing…your brain has a function that tries to keep you from doing new things that don’t jive with your current “wiring” or beliefs.  (That’s why you get uncomfortable when you are stepping into new territory or learning a new skill.  It’s called “cognitive dissonance”) But always staying inside your “comfort zone”, is one sure way to shrivel your…

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no till wellness

NEW Regenerative Living Project From Core Wellness Institute

New adventures in regenerative farming have stoked my passion to keep teaching you how to RE-generate your health and avoid falling prey to DE-generation! Keep roots in the ground….and keep reaching for the stars 🙂

Farmer Steve

Core Wellness Is LEAVING!  (and where we’re going…and WHY! )  Regeneration BABY!

It’s been coming for a while now. It’s exciting…but also kind of scary. Here’s what’s happening… We have decided to say goodbye to the practice in downtown Jeffersonville and hello to some exciting new opportunities. But first…do not fear.   I will continue my practice in a NEW location in “Uptown” New Albany on East Spring Street and I will, of…

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