how to decompress your neck

How to Decompress Your Neck (Case Study…Arm Pain and Numbness GONE!)

Today I want to share mini case study of a man with neck pain, arm pain, numbness and tingling and how we got near complete resolution in just a week’s time. Plus his food regurgitation “side effect” from a neck surgery a few years ago is going away, too!  How is that possible?   Watch today’s episode of Core Wellness TV…

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squat tips

Key exercises for more resilience and confidence (plus mushrooms at the farrm)

I saw them emerge when I got down to their level. One appeared…then another…then another. The coveted morel mushroom. But I had be able to get up and down easily in order to see them under the may apples. Then it occurred to me that I should share some strategies with you for getting deeper into your squat and stronger…

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3 keys to fighting coronavirus

3 Natural Ways To Fight Off Covid-19 (don’t wait for a vaccine to save you!)

Using the 3 pillars of Core Wellness…let’s work from the inside-out to build your buffer against this virus. (This was my first attempt at streaming live from the FaRRRm, so the video isn’t as crisp as it could be, and there’s a little wind, but I hope the message helps you.)    “Pay What You Can” Core Wellness Institute…

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upper back posture exercise

The ONE exercise you should do DAILY to stay upright and strong (plus tree of heaven invasion!)

On this “3 Pillars” edition of Core Wellness TV (Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition) you’ll learn: The importance of avoiding “invasives” in your mind The most important area of your body to mobilize to avoid becoming a hunchback And a simple food to keep you satiated and healthy. Enjoy, ask your questions below, and please share if it helped you!  Thanks!…

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Turtle Posture (come out of your shell)

Turtle Posture? Come out of your Shell with the “Push Away Phenomenon”

“Miss Janey’s” story of coming out her degenerative posture (turtle) and into re-generative (swan) posture to improve her troubled swallowing. Plus an “earthing” strategy for healing. And what would an episode from the FaRRRm be without some NATURE? This one has trail cam critter pix 🙂

Core Wellness Training To Reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome

Announcing: Core Wellness Institute Training Program Open

Core Wellness Coaching Course to Reverse The Pain, Fatigue, and Unhealthy Aging From Crossed Posture Syndrome is NOW OPEN!

core breathing

The “Core Breathing” Issue (I get this question a LOT!)

When you think about “core”, you might immediately think about sit ups, crunches, planks and other abdominal type exercises. So when I teach about the deep core system through breathing into particular points and “support zones” in infant development positions, I get a lot of questions about it. Today on Core Wellness TV, I answer a couple of questions from…

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hips and core

Use your HIPS to save your spine (from the farm)

On the heels of an “in studio” web class on “Transition” movements to take your body back in time, we headed out to “The FaRRRm” (Release, Rewire, Regenerate…still working on the name) to clear our first camp as we make our own transition back to nature. But because I just can’t help myself, I included a classic “master the basics”…

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