“What Exercise Should I Do If I Have A Disc Problem?

Sciatica-screenshotThe most common question I get when someone starts in on our exercises to reverse Crossed Posture Syndrome is…

“What if I have a low back disc issue?”

Today’s video episode (below) gives you the same advice I give to my private clients and Core Wellness Coaching Students suffering from disc related pain.  

You’ll also get the same handout PDF I give to all my disc people…especially with sciatica. (Under “Resources” below the video.)

Even if you don’t have a current problem, download it, print it, and put it in your first aid kit…seriously.

You’ll also learn how to handle the inflammation that comes along with the injury and how to “calm the fire” with natural supplements that don’t impair your body’s tissue healing process.

Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxin sodium (Aleve), Tylenol, etc all have nasty side effects that can adversely affect healing as well as mess up your gut and liver. 

So now you’ll at least have another option.

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It truly can save a lot of unnecessary suffering.  

Be sure to look below the video for more resources and links!!


Supplements mentioned in today‘s episode for reducing acute inflammation:

Protrypsin from Metagenics



  1. I wish i had heard this several months ago.  we were rear ended sept.2010.  i have been in severe pain.  went to PT..then this year i started getting epiderals.  actually i have had 6 and 1 lumbar facet. when i questioned about these shots…of course they told me that there was no harm done from them.  I would have never taken them if i had heard this video earlier.  I am interested in coming to your office.  Can i get info on the hours..phone number…and price.  thanks…betty sams

  2. Hi Dr Steve,

    Great video, great instruction as always. Thank you for sharing.

    It’s thrown my mind into questioning now, that if repetitive forward flexion type exercises damage the discs potentially, is any forward flexion good for us then?
    I.e. curl ups with elbows wide, roll down (in Pilates), forward stretch (yoga/Pilates)…

    I encourage clients to keep the scapula down and the internal brace on but are you saying all forward flexion with a curled spine is a no no?

    I look forward to hearing from you when you’ve time.
    Many thanks and best wishes,

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