Who Should NOT Run for Exercise, Plus…The Most Powerful Diet Change With The Fastest Results

What a DAY!  The first sunny, 80 degree day of Spring!  WOO HOOO!

So I took the woods and was inspired to share a few "take homes" from "Hungry For Change" on a walking bridge along trail #3.  We recently featured the film in our Friday Night "Movies That Matter" series at the office.

Enjoy this "3 Pillars" edition of Core Wellness TV!  I posted more info about the training I mentioned in the episode below the video.

Be sure to leave any comments or questions you have below!

As mentioned in the video, our comprehensive training course prepares you for effective fat burning exercise without frustrating injury.  The course also addresses all 3 Pillars" of stress…Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition… that lead to the predictable muscle tension and dysfunctional postures of unhealthy aging.
Plus…for a limited time, I am still including 3 months of my direct access coaching program to answer your individual questions through the comments on the training site when you enroll as a course student!  If you like the way I teach then I urge you to check it out.  I look forward to working with you!


  1. Thanks for the great information you share.

    I loved hungry for change, eat a plant based diet and exercise for a living…teaching zumba, yoga etc. I suffer with lower and upper cross syndrome. My Chiropractor gave me some exercises (mostly hip flexor stretches) and recommended removing wheat and most dairy as I have arthritis as well. I feel so much better since I did that! I have a ton more energy and am losing weight, but my back still hurts quite a bit. What more can I do to help my back?

    • Many reasons for back pain, Renee.  Hips are certainly first on the list to ensure good mobility and stability. Certainly try the fundamental exercise series you got when you signed up on the blog.  If you would like more personalized help the training / coaching course is available with direct access to my advice to help troubleshoot your individual issues.

      Details on that are here.

  2. This is a great message, Dr. Hoffman.  I love it.  And, I fully believe everything you say.  I try to teach the same message to my clients!  You have a great program and I enjoy your videos.   

  3. Hi Dr Steve, you are great, for all the information  you give is priceless. I suffer from cervical spondylites and like to jump rope. Will it adversely affect my neck and should i stop doing it? 

    • If you keep your neck “packed in” with you chin deep and the intention of the crown of your head floating like a balloon, it may keep enough self traction and stability to do it safely.  Do it with a rounded upper back and / or your chin jutted forward and you will damage your spine.

  4. Both types of exercise will help you lose weight but both exercises attack
    fat in two different ways. Think positively and believe that you will burn fat and keep it
    off. Most people look for ways to help them reduce their weight, but not
    all ways are healthy.

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