Save Your Knees With This Squat Tip

Knee Exercise – Save Your Knees with this Important Squat Tweak

Mini Case Study: Learn how to save your knees by correcting your posture and squat movement. Make your feet, hips, and core talk to each other!  Enjoy and please share! Click Here To Learn More About Core Wellness Institute Enrollment Mentioned In This Episode.

push away exercise for posture correction and pain relief

The PUSH AWAY Exercise Strategy to Fix Your Posture and Find Pain Relief

After some hill intervals during my morning hike, I was inspired to share this important movement principle / exercise to build strength and stability to fix forward head posture. Plus…get rid of neck, back, and shoulder pain to boot. J Just re-awaken the developmental patterns of your “inner infant”.  Enjoy

driving tips adl

Driving Posture Tips for Less Pain and Stress on the Road

balance tips from Sedona, AZ

Balance Tips From Sedona, Arizona

Thought I’d take a chance to write while Rebecca finishes up the last leg of the trip to Missouri where we’ll visit her Mom and brother before we head home from our 8 day trip west to visit our son in Arizona. Although we loved the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, the hike to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona took the cake…

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neck decompression exercise strategy

Decompression Tips with Core Wellness TV: Christmas Message Roundup

As I went through past Core Wellness TV Christmas messages, it’s interesting that they always comes back to the Intention of growth, expansion, and renewal. Really…isn’t that what it’s all about? Your thoughts are creative and eventually become reality. Let the bubbling spring come through you. Learn new things. Find support and knee and keep pushing away. Stay expansive.  Stay…

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Squat tips and Earthing

Squat Exercise Tips with an “Earthing” Anti-Oxidant Twist!

Coming at you fully energized with this one today!  You just can’t help but be charged up when you’re teaching squat technique while soaking up the Earth’s negative electrons.   And in this instance, negative is a good thing 🙂 Get outside, move naturally, and live with meaning. Enjoy and leave your questions and comments below. 

Dynamic Lunge

Dynamic Lunge Exercise For Healthy Hips, Shoulders, Neck, and Core

No, you don’t have to do it on a log over a stream (but I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone a little:-))  This dynamic lunge move is one of those movements that’s as important as brushing your teeth when it comes to smooth, efficient, strain free, pain free movement in your hips, shoulders, and spine. (especially…

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Low Back Pain Exercises

What causes back pain? (2 most common reasons with 2 simple exercise solutions)

After 20 years of treating every kind of pain imaginable, there’s no question that when it comes to back pain, there are 2 extremely common causes that respond to one or two simple exercise solutions. In today’s episode of Core Wellness TV that I recorded LIVE, I share them with you. Granted…these solutions are not going to fix everyone’s back pain, but I just…

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