glutes to the party

Bring Your Glutes To The Party! (for less back pain, hip pain, and knee pain)

After testing the glutes of a high school running back with recurring hamstring strains, I shot this video on how to test your own glutes. Additionally, you’ll learn how to “re-map” the proper glute action into your brain and then integrate your new movement map into your daily activities for less strain and less pain (especially in your low back,…

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Sit Up Alternatives

Instead of Sit Ups…Do THESE Safer and More Effective Core Exercises

Sit ups, for some, can be very dangerous…especially if you have a low back problem that gets aggravated by bending forward and / or lifting. Here’s some better alternatives for training your core stability and build some buffer against back pain. Enjoy and leave your comments and questions below. For more info on finding your natural, organic core stability and…

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barefoot shoe review

Barefoot Shoe Review – Merrell Trail Glove, Xero Prio, New Balance Minimus

If you’re interested in “natural living”, and hopefully you are…then, at some point, you need to let your feet be free! Your toes need to spread, your 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments need to MOVE and adapt to terrain and give all that wonderful input to your brain. (good functional input like this…

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how to stand up after bending over

How To Stand Up After Bending Over (should you pull or push?)

Last week we had a nice 50 degree day here in Southern Indiana that got me motivated to clean up one of my garden beds and prepare it for early greens.  So I set up my camera while I pulled weeds, shoveled compost, carried buckets, raked, and, of course…pontificated 🙂  And here’s what’s in it for you… The importance of “preparing…

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3 lunge mistakes

3 Lunge Mistakes To Avoid To Save Your Back, Knees, and Hips

I cringe when I’m at the gym when I see well meaning folks attempting to “get back in shape” without having a good foundation of quality movement. The lunge exercise is a classic and fantastic exercise but it is also the most poorly executed…especially for newbies to the movement. In this episode of Core Wellness TV, I go over the…

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Black Walnut (juglans nigra) benefits

Stalking the Black Walnut (Juglans Nigra and Juglone…The Anti-Fungal, Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Cancer Remedy)

Today’s Core Wellness TV episode is about gathering, processing, and extracting black walnut hulls (juglans nigra) The Core Wellness Institute is all about learning, exploring, and sharing natural ways to feel younger, stronger, and more confident in yourself. Also, it’s the only site on the web specifically designed to naturally and organically reverse the predictable and reversible posture pattern at…

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How To Bend Over Properly

How To Bend Over Correctly (and Detox at the Same Time)

I’ve shared this simple technique with thousands of people over the years to help them spare their spine.  It’s especially important for those with disc issues. So here you go, learn how to pick things up off the floor without hurting your back. BONUS:  While you’re practicing your “Golfer’s Pick up”, or “Flamingo Pick Up”, you might as well pick…

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