Low Back Pain Exercises

What causes back pain? (2 most common reasons with 2 simple exercise solutions)

After 20 years of treating every kind of pain imaginable, there’s no question that when it comes to back pain, there are 2 extremely common causes that respond to one or two simple exercise solutions. In today’s episode of Core Wellness TV that I recorded LIVE, I share them with you. Granted…these solutions are not going to fix everyone’s back pain, but I just…

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Sit Up Alternatives

Instead of Sit Ups…Do THESE Safer and More Effective Core Exercises

Sit ups, for some, can be very dangerous…especially if you have a low back problem that gets aggravated by bending forward and / or lifting. Here’s some better alternatives for training your core stability and build some buffer against back pain. Enjoy and leave your comments and questions below. For more info on finding your natural, organic core stability and…

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How To Bend Over Properly

How To Bend Over Correctly (and Detox at the Same Time)

I’ve shared this simple technique with thousands of people over the years to help them spare their spine.  It’s especially important for those with disc issues. So here you go, learn how to pick things up off the floor without hurting your back. BONUS:  While you’re practicing your “Golfer’s Pick up”, or “Flamingo Pick Up”, you might as well pick…

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Bird Dog Exercise Mistakes

The “Classic” Core Stability Exercise (and why most people do it wrong)

On today’s episode of Core Wellness TV, I’ll be showing you how to correct some classic mistakes with the classic “Bird Dog” core stability / back pain exercise. In addition…you’ll discover why the mindset of “working at the edge of your capacity” is critical for forming new habits and programs in your brain and nervous system.   I’ll be honest,…

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Chest Stretch Mistake

Fix This Common Chest Stretching Mistake…PLUS “Organic Posture” Tips

This is the most common mistake I see when people do chest stretches that actually creates stress and tension in the neck and shoulders. The video was originally seen on Facebook Live at http://www.facebook.com/corewellnessinstitute so the quality isn’t super HD 🙂  But can you believe I could actually stream live from the middle of the woods?  I’m just constantly amazed…

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stenosis exercise not what you'd think

Key Exercise For Low Back Stenosis (it’s not what you’d expect)

The solution is rarely where the pain is! Mastering the overhead reach can make a HUGE difference. Check it out. (taken from FB live…sorry a little fuzzy and volume’s a little low.  But the message is CRITICAL!) Resource Mentioned In Video:  Step-by-step, deep dive online training and coaching to fix your posture, find your core, and free yourself from pain…

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spine rounding in yoga safe?

Forward Bends…Should You “Round” Your Spine? (Yoga Controversy)

Today on Core Wellness TV, I answer a very important question about “to round or not to round” your spine when you bend forward. Jackie left this GREAT question about Yoga on my last blog post about keeping a flat back and “hip hinging” to save your spine: ——————– “Dr. Steve, This makes a lot of sense. I have been…

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hip hinge snow shovel

Great “Movement Hack” To Save Your Low Back Discs When Shoveling Snow (or anything else!)

Since we’re in the middle of getting our first good snowfall of the winter (about 10 inches or so) I thought I would re-post this video from a few years back talking about the CRITICAL importance of the “HIP HINGE” when you shovel snow, or dirt, or rocks, or even s*^t 🙂 It also applies ANYTIME you bend over.  …

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